Oh hello!

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I'm Haley- A wife, mama, baby gear expert, baby consultant, and postpartum doula. I grew up in OH-IO and graduated from The Ohio State University. I started my early career in early childhood education. I met my lovely husband while in Ohio. Actually during a flight from Ohio. We began "our stroll" when we found out we were expecting our son William. Pregnancy was exciting but very overwhelming. We spent so many hours researching baby gear for our registry and birth options. After birthing our wonderful son into the world, I realized the research wasn't over. It had just began and quite frankly never ends. We were so lucky to have friends and family to help us through my not so planned difficult, postpartum recovery. Which brought me to discover the importance of that support and the conclusion that I wanted to be involved others "strolls". I decided to dive in and explore the field of maternity and postpartum careers. Simply put, I became obsessed with the roles of baby consultants and postpartum doulas. I enrolled to become a Certified International Baby Planner. I also completed a postpartum doula training through DONA in Los Angeles. I continue to do private consulting sessions and postpartum doula work. Babies are my passion and I'm so happy I get the opportunity to frequently share my expertise. 

My family

We love to travel, and it is a must for us. I come from a southern family. My husband comes from a Colombian family. None of which are located in New York City with us. Making traveling quite frequently a necessity. We love visiting our families and discovering new places around the world. 

We love to socialize. We're always trying new places and events. Its a great time for us to meet new people, try new things, and have fun!

My husband + I are foodies. Having a chef as a father has clearly contributed to this. I luckily found Sebastian who might actually be just as much a foodie. We love trying new restaurants, foods, and drinks!


My husband and father to my darling William.

Clearly a Dartmouth fanatic. He's a "Double D" (graduated from Dartmouth College & just graduated from Tuck Business School). He's an investment banker and an amazing father. He's a workaholic, foodie, cocktail lover, and traveler. He's my bestfriend and love of my life. He keeps me grounded and focused. 


J. Sebastian William

My crazy little tot who is 3.

He loves planes, Toy Story, chicken nuggets, and swimming. He keeps us on our feet. He's a Mama's Boy (very cuddly). He's my best accomplishment and my favorite little boy. He's clearly a diva and fashion opinionated (just like his mama). He keeps our lives very interesting.